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Window Cleaning

Cleaning your windows is like dusting a fan. You don’t realize how dirty they are until you clean them! Whether you’re selling your house and want to boost your curb appeal, or you just finally want to see stunning Boise views through your windows, cleaning your windows is a must. At Colyer Pro Clean, we take care to ensure every window is hand cleaned using soap, water and various scrubbing techniques. Every window frame is carefully detailed with microfiber cloths to leave your windows looking like new. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. All window cleaning packages include screen cleaning at no extra charge.  

Window Cleaning Packages

Our three tiers of window cleaning are Exterior, Standard, and Premium.


Our most popular package is the Standard Package. This includes the cleaning of interior and exterior windows, as well as their screens and the wiping of sills and frames. Deep cleaning of tracks is not included in this package.

The Premium Package includes everything from the Standard Package as well as the deep cleaning of window tracks. Many styles of windows can be removed to better access the track beneath and reveal all the hidden dirt. Taking all these extra steps ensures you’re getting the best clean possible for your windows.

We also offer our Exterior Package which is the same as the Standard Package but minus any interior glass or interior facing screens. This package is still a great deal on a budget.

 If you’ve had window cleaning on your to-do list for a while, give us a call! We would be happy to answer any questions and scheduling an estimate is easy and free!

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